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What is media translation?

There are thousands of communication mediums, each one is not the same as another and requires different things but they all have one thing in common: content is king. First, let’s go through some main mediums of communication:

  • News, reports, opinion articles, reviews….
  • Press releases
  • Media kits
  • Financial spreadsheets
  • Newsletters
  • Website
  • Apps
  • Publications for networks
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Transcription of speeches or conferences

Media translation, very straightforward, is the translation of media content so that your brand can engage with local audiences. In this era of globalization, many companies want to expand their business across the globe, and media translation can help them to achieve this goal.

However, when done improperly media translation can lead to ridicule and anger which cause great harm to your brand’s reputation. That’s the reason for hiring a professional localization expert to handle media translation. All your materials should be viewed through the eyes of the potential audience without any inappropriate elements.

1. Why do you need media translation services?

With the widespread of the Internet, creating content that reaches thousands of users is easier than ever. This is great for the growth of the whole market but it also generates more competition among all content creators, both individuals and organizations included.

​​The translation of media content such as marketing requires specific skills that are almost opposite to technical, legal, or scientific translations, in which precision is key while creativity and relativity are appreciated the most in marketing translation.

These types of marketing translations use symbolism, puns, and metaphors that emphasize emotions rather than delivering specific information. The main goal is to preserve the most emotions and values of the original text while maintaining its integrity. This requires translators who must not only be fluent in both languages but also be skillful writers themselves.

2. Why do you need our service?

We only work with native language translators. Although machine translations develop significantly these days and they can generate the results with decent precision, it is just empty and emotionless. Native translators are the only ones that can capture all the nuances of your original material.

In addition to that, all of our media translators can access translation memories, dictionaries, and media-specific terms, so we can ensure that each translation is both precise and consistent across projects.

Most importantly, all of VanTin’s translators are bound by a nondisclosure agreement. We take your privacy and security issues seriously.

What makes vT Localize different?

We are not the market dominance, we are not the pioneer of the industry, but we enjoy an amazing growth rate current years. For us, Localization and language services is all about you and your targeted audience experience, which are fast and seamless localization workflow, managed by strict industry standards, and flawless translation at the end of production process.

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you may not know

  • Almost 52% of all content on the internet is produced in the English language
  • According to Slator.com, the most expensive language pairs in the USA are English – Japanese and English – Korean with an average price of about US$0.57/word
  • 78% of CMOs believe that customized content is the future of marketing
  • 78% of CMOs believe that customized content is the future of marketing