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What is business and finance translation?

There’s a saying said that money makes the world go round, and by ‘money’, it means business and finance.

Business and finance translation involves the conversion of business documents that are usually conducted by a translator with expertise in both languages and the business and financial field. The main business documents are:

  • Auditor reports
  • Finance claims
  • Financial assessments
  • Financial spreadsheets
  • Business plans
  • Business policies
  • Corporate policies
  • Financial compliance manuals
  • Investor presentations
  • Company press releases

1. Why do you need translation services?

A standard translation agency can barely handle the translation for business and finance very well. When it comes to business & finance, it means dealing with contracts and sensitive documents that need to be handled by experienced experts. A professional business & finance translator must:

  • Be capable of translating specific business terminology and understand the numbers, graphs, and charts, as well as the words.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of how the business and financial world is operating
  • Have a firm grasp of how the correct format is for professional documents and agreements.
  • Manage to create the correct, formal tone of writing to present your business as a professional company.

Some businesses may rely on freelancers or even translating machines to handle the work but this is potentially dangerous. The consequences of a mistranslated business & finance text such as failed audits could ruin your chances of expanding your business and damage your reputation; incorrect financial and tax statements may put your company in legal trouble. Entrusting your important documents to experts from the start is the way to go if you desire accuracy and professionalism.

2. Why do you need our service?

Conducting a business and financial translation is complex and challenging. Automatic translation is improving, but it’s still a long way to go until it can provide the accuracy that a human translator can, which is why VanTin only uses linguists with at least five years’ experience in this specific sector.

On top of that, we have been compiling a glossary of business and financial terms by using state-of-the-art memory software. It allows us to do the work quickly and reduce costs while keeping consistency throughout the whole process.

The need for keeping security for your documents will also be at the forefront of our mind. Our system keeps all files encrypted with the latest security protocols.

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What makes vT Localize different?

We are not the market dominance, we are not the pioneer of the industry, but we enjoy an amazing growth rate current years. For us, Localization and language services is all about you and your targeted audience experience, which are fast and seamless localization workflow, managed by strict industry standards, and flawless translation at the end of production process.

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