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What is manufacturing translation?

In this era of the globalized economy, the process of manufacturing any product involves help from several countries. Thus communication in a multitude of languages requires a third party to make sure everything goes smoothly, this is where translation comes into the spotlight.

Industrial manufacturing documentation often includes:

  • Brochures
  • Call Center Interpreting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Health and Safety Documents
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Articles
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Patents and Patent Applications
  • Product Labeling, Packaging, and Catalogs
  • Product Specifications
  • Regulatory Documentation
  • Service, Maintenance, and Policy Manuals
  • Site Surveys
  • Technical Reports
  • Textbooks
  • Training Materials
  • User and Operating Instructions
  • User Manuals
  • Website Translation

Manufacturing Translation

Manufacturing translation will bring companies many benefits such as enabling the employees to fully understand the product specifications required correctly because the information is written in their mother tongues.

Modern industry processes allow us to eliminate waste of time and resources while achieving better. Lean manufacturing enables manufacturing businesses to create goods faster and better with higher profitability or ROI. Translation services serve that purpose as well.

Most of the time, the manufacturing translation involves technical information of a wide variety of corresponding to the type of manufacturing industry. That’s why the translators in charge of manufacturing translation must know the technicalities required. For example, a translator for a semiconductor manufacturer could be an engineer who is fluent in multi-languages and has linguist skills. That person should know enough about semiconductor components or chip designing to deliver the translation with accuracy.

To ensure the best result, we only work with highly trained technical translators, editors, proofreaders who are not only professional linguists but also have real work experience in the Manufacturing industry. We are confident in giving you a guarantee that your project transcends any language barriers.

In addition, our Quality Control system is on the top of the market, with a system of checks and balances from the selection of project managers to the final proofreading stage. All of our translators can access translation memories, dictionaries, and media-specific terms, so as to ensure consistent and top-quality results throughout.

Most importantly, all of VT Localize’s translators are bound by a nondisclosure agreement. We take your privacy and security issues seriously.

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What makes vT Localize different?

We are not the market dominance, we are not the pioneer of the industry, but we enjoy an amazing growth rate current years. For us, Localization and language services is all about you and your targeted audience experience, which are fast and seamless localization workflow, managed by strict industry standards, and flawless translation at the end of production process.

Frequently asked questions

You may find your answer below

Certainly, we offer proofreading service solely for all types of documents in more than 50 different languages.

Our pricing varies based on factors such as language pair, complexity, and volume. Feel free to contact us with project details for a personalized quote.

Yes, we provide comprehensive video localization services, including subtitling and dubbing to ensure your content reaches a global audience effectively.

Absolutely. We provide Image Translation services, and while our Image Character Recognition (ICR) tool aids in the process, it's advisable to use higher quality pictures for optimal results. Better image quality significantly improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the translation.

Yes, absolutely. Our standard translation service maintains around 98% of the original format. If you opt for our Desktop Publishing services, specifically designed for intricate designs and infographics, we guarantee precise preservation of the original layout and structure.

You will receive the translated content through the agreed-upon method, whether it's via email, secure file transfer, or another convenient channel.

Yes, there may be additional costs for obtaining multiple notarized copies. Please inquire about the specifics of your request for accurate pricing.

The time required for translation depends on factors like the document's length and complexity. We will provide you with a detailed timeframe upon reviewing your specific project.

Yes, we offer urgent translation services. Please let us know your timeline, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We prefer bank transfers, offering a secure and straightforward payment option.

However, we understand the importance of flexibility and are open to discussing alternative payment methods based on your convenience and preferences. Our goal is to make the payment process as convenient and adaptable as possible for our clients.

you may not know

  • Over the next decade, nearly 6 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed.
  • Foreign direct investment in U.S. manufacturing reached a new record level in 2020.
  • China is the world’s largest manufacturer.

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