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style your documents into multiple languages.

The layout of your translated content in a foreign language is governed by its unique rules, with intercultural influences affecting both graphics and layout.

At VT Localize, we manages diverse character sets, paragraph and character formats, and text length formatting across all languages.

What is Desktop Publishing?

DTP or Desktop Publishing is the process of modifying your documents into other languages. It is the production of page designs with the computer using a special DTP software and involves translation, typesetting, and design.

DTP software can be used to create the layout for: newspapers and magazines, brochures, posters, catalogues, books and e-books, web pages, newsletter, etc.

Why is DTP important?

The Desktop Publishing Services helps your brand to get creative page layouts to impress the customers, balance the reader’s view. It also enhances the overall experience to get more sales.

The DTP Services is an effective way to save the cost of production with various tools like InDesign, Framemaker, Illustrator, Coreldraw, QuarkXpress, and Microsoft Publisher. However, it is advisable to choose professional DTP Services with the well-skilled and experienced experts who can fulfill all your requirements on time.

3 tips to know about DTP

1. Be consistent

Consistency creates trust. What does this mean?

Create a standard that specifies everything from font type and size to color to header and footer information and so on. Anytime you change the font or the color of something, the audience perceives it right away as a change in meaning. What your client sees is unprofessionalism and they miss your message.

2. Allow flexibility with images and graphics

When deciding on the graphics and images for your design layout, we recommend you stick to more universal ones rather than going extra specific. For example, you want to add people’s faces in the layout, ask yourself whether every culture will relate to them? Make sure your choices are either universal or not culturally specific.

3. Hire professional

DTP requires a specific skill set and a professional eye for design. Professional language companies have expert teams able to work around the clock.

It’s a great risk when your design team takes on a layout project in a language that they do not understand. Working with a professional that employs experts in desktop publishers is the best way to ensure that the translation you invested in is best presented to your target audiences.

What makes vT Localize different?

We are not the market dominance, we are not the pioneer of the industry, but we enjoy an amazing growth rate current years. For us, Localization and language services is all about you and your targeted audience experience, which are fast and seamless localization workflow, managed by strict industry standards, and flawless translation at the end of production process.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find your answer below

Certainly, We offer proofreading service solely for all types of documents in more than 50 different languages.

Our pricing varies based on factors such as language pair, complexity, and volume. Feel free to contact us with project details for a personalized quote.

Yes, we provide comprehensive video localization services, including subtitling and dubbing to ensure your content reaches a global audience effectively.

Absolutely. We provide Image Translation services, and while our Image Character Recognition (ICR) tool aids in the process, it's advisable to use higher quality pictures for optimal results. Better image quality significantly improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the translation.

Yes, absolutely. Our standard translation service maintains around 98% of the original format. If you opt for our Desktop Publishing services, specifically designed for intricate designs and infographics, we guarantee precise preservation of the original layout and structure.

You will receive the translated content through the agreed-upon method, whether it's via email, secure file transfer, or another convenient channel.

Yes, there may be additional costs for obtaining multiple notarized copies. Please inquire about the specifics of your request for accurate pricing.

The time required for translation depends on factors like the document's length and complexity. We will provide you with a detailed timeframe upon reviewing your specific project.

Yes, we offer urgent translation services. Please let us know your timeline, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We prefer bank transfers, offering a secure and straightforward payment option.

However, we understand the importance of flexibility and are open to discussing alternative payment methods based on your convenience and preferences. Our goal is to make the payment process as convenient and adaptable as possible for our clients.

you may not know

    • Medicine and pharmaceuticals need DTP services
    • Heavy machinery design and production need desktop publishing services
    • The first use of modern-day Desktop Publishing came into effect in the 1970s; however, it was not until Apple launched the Macintosh computer in ‘84, that desktop publishing services finally found a home

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