Content is Dad, social is Mom, marketing is a Child, which is integrated into the happy family. Like a child, marketing can connect to content and social to make difference, engagement, and scale for the business. Go beyond families in a country, marketing translation boosts international connections and grows your business together. 

Besides conveying the company’s content and marketing strategies across linguistic borders, marketing translation is required to easy-to-memorize, give insight into your business, engage emotion, attract attention to target customers especially. That is the reason why your business needs marketing content translation to reach out to a larger audience who are not fluent in reading or speaking your language. 

3 advantages of marketing content translation

1. Enhance engagement and sales of businesses

The flawless marketing translation can get found, get leads, get customers. In addition to reaching a larger audience and opening up your company to multiple new levels of the transaction, the perfect marketing translation helps your online site increase engagement, followed by increased great deals and sales.

2. Improves International SEO

Given Google’s rankings and SEO work, more informative and high-quality posts and sites tend to rank higher. Therefore, a good marketing translation service results in boosting your international SEO immensely.

3. Be bold, be different, be digital

As a rule, marketing material translation identifies your exclusive reputation and increases your competitive edge in comparison with others. Translating your content opens up new markets that make your business go viral.


  • Start with a plan and finish with results 

Vantin intends to have a professional workflow and a priority of customers’ demand. Alongside a talented and expert translator team, precise and transparent translation plans would be a plus to provide clients the best service in both quality and satisfaction. 

  • Conversion and creativity of various kinds of marketing materials

Vantin has a reliable ability made possible by years and years of translating and localizing marketing content. In addition, mastered translators have a certain ingenuity to deal with manifold types of marketing materials, which would be compatible with target markets.

  • Smart ideas for challenging times

We put creativity before technology, make better ideas happen fast and the translation is flawless. With so many expert translators and specialized marketing expertise, Vantin always ensures  to deliver  projects on time and within agreed budgets.

  • Confidentiality

We commit to keeping your privacy and confidentiality as the same way we protect our prestige.  Your information and documents are safe with our innovated data- protecting system.


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What makes VTLocalize different?

We are not the market dominance, we are not the pioneer of the industry, but we enjoy an amazing growth rate current years. For us, Localization and language services is all about you and your targeted audience experience, which are fast and seamless localization workflow, managed by strict industry standards, and flawless translation at the end of production process.


Question 1: Is it possible if I just ask for proofreading services?

Yes! We offer proofreading service solely for all types of documents in more than 50 different languages.

Question 2: How much will you charge for a translation project?

We take many factors into consideration:

  • The number of pages of the document to be translated, in which specified page is 300 words or 300 characters depending on the language.
  • Language pairs: Some pairs are less common, so the service charge might be a little bit higher
  • Service required: Translation Only (TO) or Translation and Editing (TE), or Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP)
  • Industry expertise: The complexity of the required domain affects service charge also

Please contact us for a detail quotation.

Question 3: Do you offer video subtitling and dubbing services?

Yes.! Not only supporting subtitling and dubbing, but we also provide the service of typing verbal documents such as audio or video files.

Question 4: Do you support Image Translation?

Yes! We support translating documents from all PNG, JPG image files, and all types of documents from all files: pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, etc. Applying optical character recognition technology in combination with latest CAT Tools, the image translation process has never been that easy.

Question 5: Will the translation be presented in proper format and retain the original structure?

For purpose of printing or publishing you may need, we provide DTP and Layout restoration services for documents using varied tools such as Adobe Framemaker, Indesign, Illustrator, Autocad to Powerpoint, Excel, etc. Under our post translation recovery process, we provide a translation with “as is” layout and be ready for high quality printing or online publishing.

Question 6: How will I receive the translation?

It depends on the your need for soft or hard copy documents. For the soft copy, we will email it to you. As for the hard copy, we will send express delivery to the correct address provided by the customer.

Question 7: When notarizing translation, I want to get multiple copies, will there be additional costs?

According to current regulations, notarized translations are not allowed to be copied, all version must be originals. So when you need additional originals, the cost will increase.

Question 8: How long will it take for my documents to be translated?

It depends on the volume, content types, required services, and other project-specific factors. But above all, your required deadline is the most important and we will rely on that to adjust the translation process and management schedule in order to keep up with preset deadline without any compromise upon quality.

Question 9: Can I request an urgent translation?

Yes! We do offer urgent translation services. Depending on specialization or length of the document, we will adjust our production team accordingly.

Question 10: What are your payment terms and methods?

We accept ATM transfers, e-banking, cash, or online payment via VISA/ MASTERCARD card, international payment services such as PAYPAL, PAYONEER, SKRILL, VEEM, etc.


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  • Several well-known Western corporations have had difficulties when translating their marketing text into Chinese. Coca-Cola was originally translated into Chinese as “bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax”, depending on your dialect. In a desperate attempt to modify their Chinese moniker,  Coke examined 40,000 Chinese letters for the phonetic equivalent, “kekoukele,” which means “happy in the mouth” in Chinese. This example demonstrates how even little translation errors can have a significant impact on the final message.
  • According to a survey of 8,709 global customers in 29 countries throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, 76 percent of online buyers prefer to buy products with information. In addition, 40% will never buy from websites in other languages (CSA Research)
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