4 factors for a successful internationalization strategy

Integration and globalization are inevitable trends in the 21st century. Thanks to this, companies can earn benefits such as diversification, taking advantage of local policy, broadening their markets, and profits. 

Internationalization is the practice of building products/services and internal operations to expand to international markets. An international strategy is a strategy through which the company sells its products or services outside its domestic market.  

Internationalization is an essential process for any company with multilingual products. It is crucial to consider the markets beforehand and make the adaptations early in product development.  

Many customers experience dissatisfaction with non-internationalized products such as the product instruction being awkwardly translated, text boxes being too large for their contents, … and countless other irritations. 

In some markets such as Finland, consumers are used to products not being localized for their market. But France is the opposite. French folks expect products to be available in French!  

If you plan to take a product to multiple national or regional markets, you need to take internationalization and localization into consideration. Preparing for these processes at an early stage will help you create products that please users of different cultures.

What should you care about

1. Select the right sources of information on international markets

It is quite obvious to use the Internet as the first source of information to get the data we need but the leading economic indicators of the target market would make a better  

2.Select the right criteria for target markets

Aspectssuch as political stability, infrastructures, tax policy, exporting/importing policy must be taken into account because they present the country that we want to deploy our products/services. 

3.Select the right local partner

Selecting a local partner is complicated yet sophisticated because it is no doubt the image of our initiative that will associate our values ​​with those of the company that represents us. 

Outsourcing your marketing translations to a translation service provider is an effective move. The benefits of it are linguistic expertise and insight into the local culture. There are many ways a translation enterprise can support brands with multilingual marketing. A large network of specialists, translators, proofreaders, and editors, is capable of delivering creative translations that will appeal to the target audience. 

Another pro comes from optimization for search engines. Within the network are those who master the subtle art of SEO, able to pick the most relevant keywords for the translation of websites. 

A translation company can offer more than a different version of marketing texts. They can also be an expert in producing video, voice-over, and DTP services. In a modern world, they are adapting to ever-changing market needs. 


4.Select the right way to present the company in the international market

The coverletter of any brand is its official  Sponsorship and advertising are also proficient ways to reach the target audience. Another playground for business is the publication of articles and local media. 

How we solve the matter

At Vantin Localize, all projects must be started with a well-prepared plan. You may have heard the 80-20 rule, which states 80% of output come from 20% of input, then your inputs will be study with awareness to your single requirement. After all, a tailor-made solution with a plan in detail will be submit for your approval.  

Though numerous projects, we know that a continuous and effective communication between related parties is the key for success latterly. This seem-to-be-easy task would be the cause of really serious issue sometime if it is not carried smoothly and sufficiently. At Vantin Localize, we are striving to ensure all information that may be concerned will be sent to related person timely and sufficiently during the project.

Though treasuring a talent pool of 3000+ skillful translators, editors, and experts already, our production team is continuously expanding to ensure all projects will be covered by native-speaker linguists with inline expertise experience. Hence, the output will perfectly match your targeted audiences. 

We commit to keeping your rights inthe same way we protect our prestige. Vantin always ensures to provide time-and-money-saving service and confidential translation by trustworthy and professional team under a smooth workflow.