Translation asset

A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR TRANSLATION ASSET MANAGEMENT Translations are considered as an asset of a company because you can recycle your translations. By that you can save cost and ensure consistency across all content. What is a translation asset management? Languages assets include glossaries and translation memory assets, sometimes it also includes style guide. Translation […]

Dubbing voice over

A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR DUBBING AND VOICE-OVER A popular misconception when it comes to localization is that dubbing is the same as a voice-over. Two methods are actually different.  What are dubbing and voice-over? Voice Over – The voice of a voice artist recorded using a high-quality microphone in an acoustic professional studio with a […]


A CONSCIENTIOUS GUIDE FOR TRANSCRIPTION Transcription services are, in fact, nothing new. People have been doing it since the 17th century. But today’s professional transcription services are essential in both accessibility terms and as part of a marketing strategy. Especially if the majority of your content is audio and visual content. What is transcription? Transcription […]