Localization makes online learning more enjoyable

Localization makes online learning more enjoyable

The most crucial factor to consider when creating online learning materials is how easy, clear, and useful it is for users to use. No matter how well-planned or professionally conducted a course is, if it contains inappropriate content, learners may still undervalue its significance, regardless of the course’s subject matter, what the topic is. Both […]

Video game

A THOROUGH GUIDE TO VIDEO GAME LOCALIZATION It takes a village to raise a globalized game! And localization is one of the most important parts of all. Game localization is a complicated process that requires you and your team a certain level of dedication & commitment. In this article, we will discuss how to do […]

E learning content

A USEFUL GUIDE TO ELEARNING CONTENT LOCALIZATION Elearning is a cost- and time-saving way for both businesses to train employees, educate customers and for individuals to improve themselves. Localization helps this valuable content be made relevant for all, no matter where they are from. What is eLearning content localization? Elearning, is the delivery of educational […]

Publicasion boost

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PUBLICATION & BOOK LOCALIZATION Literary translation is an art of transposing and interpreting of creative works such as novels, poetry, drama, comic from one language and culture into another.  We know that every detail of an original book needs to be conveyed to readers in the target language to make sure […]

Ios and android apps

A COMPLETE GUIDE TO APP LOCALIZATION One thing for sure about localization is that it’s hard. Not only do you have a ton of languages and dialects to work with, but you also have the headache of cultural, legal and technical issues to handle. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Now let’s jump in! What […]


A UNIQUE GUIDE TO WEBSITE LOCALIZATION “Localization”, you might have heard the term before but do you know the benefits it can bring to your business? Here is this article, we cover an even bigger part of the localization process: website localization. By understanding it thoroughly, you can start to unlock all opportunities it has. […]