Taxation custom

TAXATION & CUSTOM TRANSLATION – THINK BEYOND THE BORDERS Import & export have been recently a key sector in the economic progress of any countries. As the fast-paced international integration, the demand for taxation and custom has rocketed, which results in the requirement of linguistic translation services in these fields. Taxation & custom translation refers […]

Patent translation

PATENT TRANSLATION SERVICE Given globalization, the demand for patent translation escalates. Patent credentials typically involve patent specifications, office actions, lawyer correspondence, and anything else required during the patent application and filing process. Patent documentation has a unique writing register, which requires highly skilled and experienced translators.  Patent translation is indispensable for any individual or business […]


CRYSTAL CLARITY IN ALL LEGAL TRANSLATIONS All of our fundamental rights are founded on the rule of law. Laws keep everyone safe, provide access to justice, encourage civil and political engagement, and maintain peace. Therefore, legal documents are invaluable resources for humans. Translating legal documents is the part of the journey that makes human rights […]