Our guide for translating Dutch

If you are about to start a business amongst the Dutch-speaking territories, then it is crucial to consider Dutch translation for your documents. A local language is a powerful tool to enhance relationships amongst individuals, businesses, and countries. I. The importance of Dutch translation The Netherlands or Holland has a population of approx. 18 million […]


After successful reforms, Ukraine has become an attractive destination for investors around the globe. In 2020, the country now ranks 64 out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking. Even with the pandemic happening, investment in the IT industry in Ukraine in 2020 increased to $571 million. Ukraine is a […]

Simplified Chinese

China tops the global charts with the largest population and the second fastest-growing economy. As a result, the Chinese language has become one of the most powerful languages of all. But when it comes to ‘Chinese’, there are several distinct Chinese languages, 3 major ones are: Traditional Chinese for Taiwan Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong […]


Russian-speakers are almost twice as many as German and four times as many as Italian. The Russian language is special because it’s the language of space, the Internet, and the finest traditions in the arts. Russia is one of the largest producers of natural resources and raw materials such as gas, diamonds, precious metals and […]


In business,it is crucial to be aware why it is important that the Portuguese being used is not only correct, but also culturally appropriate. We hope that this article will offer you some useful tips. The importance of Portuguese Translations Portuguese is the second most spoken Romance language and the sixth most spoken language in […]


Italian is one of the most widely spoken and influential languages. You may not realize that you are ‘speaking’ Italian several times every time when ordering a pizza, cooking ravioli, listening to a diva singing, or sipping a cappuccino, they are all Italian words. The importance of Italian Translations Italian ranks 21 most popular languages […]


Although English and French both have Indo-European origins, translating French doesn’t always come easy. You have to distinguish well between cognates and faux amis, literal meanings and idioms, and formal and informal language. The importance of French translations French is one of the world’s most popular languages with 80 million people around the world speak […]


Approximately 400 million people are English native speakers. Other than that it is spoken by more 1-1.6 billion people  across the continents. With global businesses, English has long been the default language of trading and operating. Its major role in the global marketplace requires all international companies to invest very well in English translation. The […]


Do you know that the word “dollar” in English was a loanword from Czech? The Czech Republic is located near the “European Banana”. This area is considered as the best choice for investments due to the convenience of transport and logistics. Along with being an EU member, the Czech Republic now becomes a perfect gateway […]


Catalonia is an attractive market for investment, exports, and imports. Another key factor in this economy is tourism due to a number of world-renowned destinations such as Barcelona, Costa Brava, Girona, and Tarragona. The importance of Catalan translation The majority of Catalan speakers are found in Catalunya (or Catalonia), in the northeastern corner of Spain. […]