Software localization

SOFTWARE LOCALIZATION – ASSERTING GREAT STRENGTH IN THE GLOBAL MARKET According to Marketline, the global software market will flourish within the next 4 years and is expected to reach $1 trillion in 2024. This is a significant milestone, marking the breakthrough of the software industry globally. For software developers, globalization means an unlimited potential market for […]


THE MAGIC OF MARKETING TRANSLATION, THE SCIENCE OF ATTRACTING CUSTOMERS Content is Dad, social is Mom, marketing is a Child, which is integrated into the happy family. Like a child, marketing can connect to content and social to make difference, engagement, and scale for the business. Go beyond families in a country, marketing translation boosts […]


TRANSLATION MULTIMEDIA: ENGINES FOR 4.0 TECHNOLOGY Multimedia is becoming increasingly common in manifold aspects such as education, entertainment, marketing, etc., followed by the radical demand for translation. Multimedia translation or audiovisual translation is a specialized branch of translation that transfers multimodal and multimedia texts into another language and culture. Consequently, multimedia translation plays a considerable role […]

Hardware system

HARDWARE & SYSTEM TRANSLATION: THE HEARTBEAT FOR YOUR BUSINESSES GOING GLOBAL In recent years, computer system applications and related hardware for efficient management and operation of urban services such as transportation systems, water supply, laws and regulations have been popular in most countries globally. This attracts numerous companies to invest in research and development in the […]