Energy power

TRANSNATIONAL ENERGY TRANSLATION- A BRIDGE TO DEVELOPMENT Meeting rapidly expanding energy demand has always been a major concern in the world. It requires the cooperation of individuals, companies, and governments. As a result, organizations increasingly focused on international communication efficiency and document translation. Translation and localization services can supply crucial papers while also bridging the […]

Chemical biological

BIOCHEMISTRY TRANSLATION: ASSISTING IN THE ENHANCEMENT OF INDUSTRY VALUE The biochemistry industry plays an important role in the development of new scientific approaches by combining core principles of biology and chemistry. Globalization in this field poses challenges to international cooperation on regulatory compliance and safety standards. That’s because biochemical documents have a significant effect on […]


TRANSLATION FOR ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY-NEW ROADMAP TO GLOBAL TRIUMPH In the fast-paced technology progress, the proliferation of electrical and electronic engineering in recent years has been drastically phenomenal. These industries might be distinguished by the strength of electric currents including “heavy current” and “light current”. Electrical industry deals with “heavy current” consisting of lighting and power […]

Mechannical engineering

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TRANSLATION: THE LIFEBLOOD OF MOST MANUFACTURING FIRMS In an age of fast-paced technologies, updating and applying scientific and technological achievements in practical life is really essential. Especially, the mechanical engineering sector has always been one of the key industries in socio-economic development and a platform for all other industries. It is a core […]

Automation robotic

LANGUAGE SWITCHING, A BREAKTHROUGH FOR TOP PRODUCTIVITY BUSINESSES We are living in the era of Industry 4.0 with the continuous development of science & technology, especially the field of automation & robotics.  The automation & robotics boom in recent years has forced businesses to increase their production processes to respond to challenges including global competitiveness, […]


FINE-TUNED LANGUAGE, A HIGHWAY POWER YOU ENTER THE WORLD Over the past few decades, population explosion and economic development have fueled the global growth of the automotive industry. Most of the manufacturers in the industry work with vendors, partners, dealers, or even locate their facilities across the globe and sell their products globally. However, it’s […]