10 TYPES OF SPANISH FOR TRANSLATIONS Translating from and to Spanish requires professional translators with proper training. It involves not only working with words but also with language and meaning. 1. US Spanish:  The US has more Spanish speakers than Spain. Yes, it’s a fact! It has been around in America since the 15th century, […]

Bahasa Indonesia

THE IMPORTANCE OF BAHASAO INDONESIAN TRANSLATION As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is an attractive emerging market and a member of important organizations such as the G20 and APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation). This nation is also the leading producer of palm oil in the world. Indonesian Bahasa is the official language of […]

Other languages

OUR GUIDE FOR TRANSLATION With global businesses, translation has a major role in the global marketplace that requires all international entities to invest in. What is translation? Translation converting verbal or written words from one language to another. The main goal of translation is to transfer the original tone and objective of a message, taking […]

Germanic languages

THE IMPORTANCE OF GERMAN TRANSLATIONS Nowadays, there are over 130 million people who speak German, but not just in Germany. Partnering with a professional German translation agency will give you a strong headstart for expanding the market not only to German but also to over 42 other countries. German is ranked the 11th most spoken […]


THE IMPORTANCE OF VIETNAMESE TRANSLATION ​Vietnam is now one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with a young and robust population. The significant rising of the middle class makes Vietnam a hotspot for international brands as well as startups. Vietnamese people, in general, are well-educated and able to use several foreign languages like English, French or […]


THE IMPORTANCE OF TAGALOG TRANSLATION There are reasons that make the Philippines an ideal place for global businesses. The long beaches keep tourism strong, the cheap laborers who are very fluent in English, the attractive tax policies. The nation has been trading partners with the biggest players such as the USA and China. Although most […]


THE IMPORTANCE OF HINDI TRANSLATION India has been well-known for the development in technology, now it is climbing fast to the top three strongest economies of the world. Hindi is the world’s third most spoken language after Mandarin and English, with around 500-600 million speakers. A professional translating partner will pave the wave for international […]


THE IMPORTANCE OF BURMESE TRANSLATION When it comes to acreage, Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, with direct access to developing economies like China, India, ASEAN, and other international markets.  Myanmar’s economy has grown at 6 – 8% since 2012, a diversification of the export base and the expansion of value-added products […]


THE IMPORTANCE OF KHMER TRANSLATION The last decade has witnessed the incredible growth of Asia, especially the South East area. They are predicted to be the fastest-growing economies in the near future. Khmer, the major language of Cambodia, may not be in the top most famous languages globally but it is gaining popularity significantly. Now, […]


THE IMPORTANCE OF THAI TRANSLATION Do you want to expand your market to the 8th largest economy in Asia, with more than 46% of its population between the ages of 25 and 54, which means many industries are flourishing? If the answer is yes, finding a professional translation and localization partner is one of the […]